our goals in a nutshell

The following is what talk scrumptious. is striving to achieve, and is taken directly from the first ever post on this blog:

Good food creates discussion. Going out for a meal encourages us to be social. Following a recipe and cooking a dish is an achievement.

For someone who is battling depression or dealing with anxiety, talking, interacting with others and completing everyday tasks can be near impossible.

By providing a space where young people (or those young at heart) can visit, be inspired, and feel empowered, talk scrumptious. hopes to beat down those barriers, and help people just get it – mental health, that is.

Why, though? Because problems are not uncommon. Far from it, in fact. According to headspace, an estimated 41% of people in Australia aged 12-25 experience mental health problems and/or problematic alcohol and substance use each year. Each. Year.

Young people are really being battered. By establishing food as the common denominator, talk scrumptious. is joining the forces who are trying to change this vitally important area of public health (in its own unconventional way, of course). I’m going to use deliciousness to better understand and combat youth mental health issues.

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